Mass Creation of pages for SEO

I can dynamically show the information I need for a product detail page. However, for SEO purposes, it may make sense for me to have a page for each product. However, that would mean building hundreds of almost duplicate pages in Bubble that only vary by product name and the data that I pass to it. Is there any sort of functionality in Bubble to do this with Workflows or some upload of a .csv?

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Yes. Bubble is designed to do precisely this (and much more advanced stuff too).

You can set-up a single “page” in bubble to display the same layout but different content for an unlimited number of products. The way to do this is:

  1. Set the page type to product (of whatever else it’s called in your database)
  • Where you put the product name click into the text, select “insert dynamic text” and then do "current page’s product’s name (note - you’ll need the name for the product in your database for this to work)

Then, if you got this page you’ll want to type in where the product-ID is the unique ID for the product in your database. It’ll be a different number for each product. You’ll notice the product name now changes when the ID changes.

Do the same thing for all content on the page, including images, descriptions, pricing, etc.

Hope this helps!

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And the URL is going to be a static URL that search engines will crawl?

Yes, that’s correct.


The URL will look like this, but using your product name and ID (/product-xyz-alphanumeric_unique_id). It will be static in the sense that it will always reference the product name and ID. If the name or ID change, the URL will also change. If you want the URL to always stay the same and ignore the product name (which may change over time) you can disregard selecting the page’s ‘field for readable URL’.

Hello there, actually, I do have a question.

You say the domain will be like

but actually, with the “readable-URL” feature, will be like

where the -#############x############### is the “thing’s unique ID”… is there a way to take it away?

And will google crawl every product page only because there’s a link to it? because you won’t be able to add it to Bubble’s sitemap.

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Any updates here? I have the same question

@uxman the crawler bot follows links, so you could provide a link or button to Browse by category, and page through the entire produce list.


That’s true, sounds reasonable. Did you have any chance to make sure in real life crawler actually works this way with Bubble dynamic pages?

I am having a problem with /Product-ID kind of links. There has been more than a year I have created the dynamic pages for people sharing their books. And when I search the name of the person it doesn’t show up in the google at all. But when I search manually created page name and google shows it as number one result. So I might be missing something here, somehow dynamic pages created with Bubble is lacking behind on getting crawled compared to static pages created with Bubble.

Do you have any suggestions to make url’s or seo information for each dynamic page something other than Bubble’s default options?