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Bubble Editor Auto Scroll Not Working

Hey everyone!
Has anyone noticed that in the Bubble editor, when you click on an element in the “Elements tree” (left side) it doesn’t auto scroll to that element in the UI display (right side).

It used to and now it doesn’t. Is this just a setting somewhere?

Thanks for your input!

  • Alex
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I’ve noticed the same thing. Thought it had something to do with my browser but glad I’m not the only one experiencing this.

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Yes indeed. Please submit a bug report if you haven’t already. It definitely makes navigating the page a real pain - especially when there are a number of vertically stacked initially-hidden groups.

I submitted a bug report yesterday, and the Bubble team pushed a fix today. I have confirmed that it’s working now.


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I can also confirm it’s working now. Thanks!

Hi @Armando, @sudsy, @bubblealex I had the same issue when this post was created, then it seemed like it was fixed and now the problem is back again.
Do you guys experience the same thing?

Yeah, it does seem broken again. Your turn to submit the bug report. :wink:

There’s a first time for everything, I suppose :grimacing:
Submitted! :v:


This issue seems to be fixed now. Is it fixed for you as well?

Yes, no problems whatsoever!

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