[solved] Can't scroll past dynamic content in HTML element

I’ve been working on my custom map with polylines and custom markers, but one very annoying thing is that whenever I add dynamic text from Bubble, I cannot scroll back up past that text when there is more code in the box than fits in view.

To show you what I mean, you can check out the map here:

When you click the html element and want to scroll to the top of the code, it is impossible.

Couple of other weird things happening to me: after adding dynamic content the code right next to that will disappear and i have to click on text further down then go ‘Arrow Up’ to get it back.
When added dynamic content the cursors scrolls all the way to the bottom and selects all the text, it doesnt stay where it was.

Finally: would it be possible to add the dynamic content in a text editor and paste everything in at once? That would be so helpful!

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What do you mean?

Type the code that you would normally enter dynamically (current user’s address’ formatted address etc etc) in an editor along with the other code and just paste it in in one go and that Bubble would pick up the dynamic data…

Is this an easy fix? I’m copying an element but have to get the code from my notepad because I cannot select all the code. It will only allow me to copy up until the dynamic content.

No it’s not.

Ok, but is it on some sort of list to fix because it’s clearly a bug not a feature.

I mean, I’m just talking about scrolling up to the top of the code in the bubble editor. Scrolling sometimes gets me higher up, most of the time i get stuck at the bottom of the last dynamic piece of code. Up arrow doesn’t do anything either.

Is this at least a known issue or is it just me? :confused:

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Well if you scroll up it gets there. So it’s annoying but doable. try scrolling on the side of the text box.

Ok well then I guess it’s just me…

What if you are exactly between the textbox and the scrollbar?

I get a four arrow “move” mouse icon.

The problem is that the dynamic data is preventing the cursor to move up when using the arrow up key.

I cant scroll up using the mousewheel (im not on a laptop)

But you can still scroll with two fingers on the mouse pad?

See. Not ideal I admit, but it works :slight_smile:

Ah i see, I think when you scroll all the way down first and then some… then you can scroll all the way back up.

got it, thanks for troubleshooting!

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