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Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions

Numbering workflows, so they are easier to find especially if copying actions from one to another:

Selecting a group of actions to copy/cut and past elsewhere in order:


I have another ideas:

  • It would save a lot of time if there was a workflow action called “Refresh repeating group”. Sometimes the automatic refresh of RG takes a few seconds to happen (may impact on user experience) or it doesn’t happen at all. There are solutions like setting custom states and/or other solutions, but it’s not that simple to make it work perfectly.

  • I know it’s easy to do it using groups/reusable elements, but as it’s possible to select and drag more than one element at once, it would be nice if there was a spatial reference (at least in one of the elements, like the one on the top), just as it happens when you drag a single element:

gif one element

Dragging two elements:

gif two elements


Thank you so much for the awesome suggestions, @majorfmo, @mtastwo, @christo1, and @gsantoro! Your ideas have been added as numbers 74 - 79! :slight_smile: :sparkles:


Not sure if this is already there.

  • Being able to give minimum width of an element in terms of px instead of percentages. It is quite cumbersome to go and change the minimum width of all the elements for mobile when we change their width in their desktop variation. This is especially painful because of having to create so many groups and groups within groups.

Hi again @fayewatson, not sure if someone asked but just wondering why such feature is not available yet.

Something like an exposed state, I.E: Page loaded above fold, entire… Basically to determine when the page is loading/creating data, exactly when the top loading bar appears, we should be able to access to this “state” of the page.

Page is reading/writing data

This would be very useful to determine when we want to let the user know that the page is loading, so we can show a loading image or just an informative text.

Actually you have to do many workarounds or installing paid plugins to achieve this and IMO this should be built in core (which actually it is, but not accessible for us).



Thanks so much for the great ideas, @mghatiya and @yusaney1! :slight_smile: They’ve been added as numbers 80 and 81! :sparkles:

Also @mghatiya, you may have seen this already but just incase you’re interested, Josh announced yesterday that Bubble is making some changes to the responsive editor to make it easier to use, which will be awesome! Here is a link to the original post:

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A way to prevent double-searches:

Example scenario: We want to do a search to check for X condition, and if that condition is true show dynamic data using that same search. Actually the only way to do that is doing double search or creating a parent group with the search, but much different inside a RG

Something like Parent condition search or Current condition search…



This is kinda already in Bubble, with the “Copy expression” function. All you need to do is click ‘Insert dynamic data’, right-click and click “Paste expression”.

If you referring to my comment, I think you didn’t understood what I meant.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about, we have to copy and paste the expression so the result would be two searches in the same condition, instead of just one and accessing to it directly (the speed of the app is not the same)

In the background, Bubble tries to eliminate duplicate searches. If two searches both have exactly the same conditions, only one should actually be executed. The second search should refer back to the first one without needing to re-download the data or re-do the search on Bubble’s servers.

One way to test this is by looking through the Network tab of the Chrome/Firefox developer tools. There, you can see each time a request is made by the browser to Bubble’s back end, and you can check the conditions of each request as well as the returned results to check if there are any duplicates. It’d be easiest to test on a page where there are only 2 searches, to avoid a lot of other data cluttering up that view.


Nice to know, but under what conditions this really happens? However, I think it would be much “clean” to access directly to one search instead of creating a new one, don’t you think?


Yes, that does sound a lot cleaner and would ensure that your app doesn’t rely on some opaque logic that you have no control over.

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Thanks so much, @yusaney1! :slight_smile: I’ve added your suggestion as #82!

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It will be better to remove default display of user entered email from the notification message during a wrong email entry at login time

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In case this hasn’t been suggested, I’d LOVE the ability to move a custom state from one element to another, and maintain all existing references to that state. Oftentimes I create a custom state on an element, build some functionality around it, and then want to move it to another element (reasons: because I’m trying something new, simply for organizational reasons, or I’d just rather have it somewhere else.). Takes so much time to create the new custom state and then redo all the workflows, I usually just don’t do it.


Another one which I am not sure if it is already in the list:

Currently when an item is marked as “not visible on page load”, it stops showing from the view itself in the editor. Now while it can be desired sometimes, it is often very cumbersome to locate that item via element tree if you have to make a change to that element.

It would be much nicer if those elements didn’t just get hidden from the editor too. Maybe they can show up with a different colour or with some border around them etc.

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Wow, what a thread!

Plus 1 on #12 !!!

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Kudos to Fay Watson for first proposing and then curating this list. I found it in a moment of frustration with the Custom States Window (Element Inspector) which appears to not be expandable and is usually far to narrow to actually be able to read the entire custom state. I have tried to quickly scan the list but can’t find a way to do this so will just propose this and let someone berate me for not having seen that this is already on the list or possibly be explaining to me how this is not even an issue - ie that I can expand it and am too dumb to see how. - apologies to all if that is the case.

So Proposal #??- Make the Custom States Element Inspector Wider by Default and expandable.

I think that Bubble should really be managing this wish list so this is not an Editor Idea for Bubble but given that they have left this to Fay - this is really an unreasonable request/suggestion to her

Can you build a bubble app so that this data can be easier to access and easier for people to vote on what features are important to them. If people have to include their Forum id (not sure how you would work this>…) then more knowledgeable users’ votes could be given a bigger weighting. Ideally the discussion on each proposal would have its own thread and a ranking discussion could have a separate thread.

Proposal #??+1 - Bubble - build a list like Fay has but structured along the lines of what I have explained above.

@melon, @joeyg, and @kevin.hunt - Thank you for the suggestions, and so sorry for the very delayed response! I’ve added them to the list as numbers 84, 85, and 86. :slight_smile:

Also, back in October, Bubble created an awesome Idea board for these types of suggestions:

I didn’t see most of the suggestions in this list, so I went ahead and added all of the suggestions in this list (except for ones that have already been implemented by the Bubble team).

To anyone that has suggested an idea in this list, I included the idea, a description of the idea, any screenshots you included, your forum username, and the suggestion number as it appears in this list to hopefully make them easier to find and upvote by others. There isn’t search functionality when viewing the “All Ideas” board currently, but you can search by forum username or idea number within the “Summary of the Idea” input in the “Submit an idea” section, for any of the ideas above.

To upvote one of the ideas in this thread, this can be done by entering the number and clicking “Upvote” as shown below :slight_smile:

I can continue to add any ideas to this list, please feel free to submit any others. :slight_smile:

(Just copying everyone who has submitted an idea already here: @tim12333 @louisadekoya @eli @yusaney1 @edd @robert @luke2 @robbertmastebroek @gf_wolfer @ryan16 @boston85719 @JohnMark @petter @ben7 @klaas.vanhoeck1 @melon @zelus_pudding @aloecf @julienallard1 @julian_digitalsilva @gsantoro @duke.severn @paul.dalpozzo @majorfmo @christo1 @mghatiya @Alix75 @kevin.hunt )


Thank you for keeping us organised Faye! Not my strong point at all :wink:

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