Bubble Editor is Slow on Single Page App

I’ve built a single page app that includes numerous workflows, groups, and filters that I’m showing/hiding using a URL router tool. I’ve run into the problem where the editor is too slow to load and work with on this page. My assumption is that I’ve put too much on one page …

I thought that I could solve this problem by creating reusable groups for most of the content and showing/hiding the reusable groups based on the URL path. However, this doesn’t seem to be working because I can’t use a workflow in a reusable group to change a router that isn’t part of the reusable group.

Has anyone built a complex single page application that ran into this speed issue in the editor? How did you solve it?

If you’re using chrome, I’ve found chrome to be absolutely trash with bubble. I switched to firefox a while back and have never had an issue since.

Yea, it can be a pain in the ass.

You can turn off the issues which will speed up the app by adding &issues_off=true to the end of the editor url.


First time I’ve actually turned off the issue tracker and yes, it does speed up the page quite substantially. Thanks @bartek.dev

@tyler2, I have done the exact same thing. Even though it was easier to build a single page app (eliminating the need to switch pages to work on another part of the app), by simply hiding/showing groups, the volume of elements, workflows, and search conditions has drastically slowed my editor and the web page itself down as well.

How have you handled this issue over the past year? I am contemplating splitting my app into a higher # of simpler pages. However, I have many complex custom state references that are housed on this single page and it will create hundreds of errors by copy & paste to a new page. How have you (or anyone else) handled this efficiently?

All the best on the quest for peak performance balanced with continuing forward momentum in your build!

This is a little off topic but can URL parameters work if a an app is to be made native. If so this could be your way forward

The other option would be to use BDK Env variables

You can pass variable in and out of re usables using that plugin

Yes BDK ENV is for me one of the best plugin on the market! I love it.

Saw this popup and thought it relevant to another thread

I provided ideas of how to mitigate this issue using reusable elements.

I’ve been struggling with this and decided to search the forum to find this awesome post since I too, am facing extremely slow browser performance on my single page app. Thanks everyone for the tips. I tried adding &issues_off=true and that’s really helped speed things up. Thanks @bartek.dev for this awesome tip.

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