How to improve performance of single page app?

Hi all!
My query is about how to design a single page app so it avoids hogging too much browser memory after prolonged use. EDIT: In live-mode, not the editor.

My single page app has lots of element states, repeating groups and conditional visibility rules. On page load, the app uses 160k of browser memory, quite high but perfectly fine for most computers to handle. However, after about 5 minutes of active use it sucks up circa 500k of browser memory and becomes very laggy, especially on older computers / while other programs are running.

Is it possible to use Bubble / some Bubble plugin / anything, to clear the browser of the data loaded from repeating groups / hidden elements, while the user is still on that page / has the page open? Or are browsers always going to store the data loaded on the page, and only clear it once the user refreshes the page / closes the browser? As that seems to me to be the reason why it starts sucking up so much memory.

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I personally don’t experience such issue when I was doing standalone projects, but experience a lot of lag and latency when multiple devices are working on the same projects. That is probably the issue of cloud editing.

I suggest instead of searching for plugins/ any external forces that CLEAR the repeating groups, there are a couple of practices you can deploy:

  • Disable issue checker
  • Make tasks more modular and leave the bigger tasks to external APIs/ plugins.
  • Check for loops in workflow / unefficient workflow

At the end of the day, the most significant improvement comes from good construction practice. Try to avoid anything with looping on bubble and seek for alternatives.

Here is a thread you might wanna check out: Editor - Extremely slow and laggy - #2 by casheets123
It summarizes most speed problems people encountered on bubble.

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Hi ada, the problem I’m describing is not with the editor but with the live app.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear!


Bubble loads lots of resources on the page.

Check for how your app is built. Below some resources about building apps for performance:


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