Bubble editor landing page as a flow chart

The Bubble landing page is always the “index” page.

Currently, for my Bubble app, I have to use a flow-chart tool to understand my app’s total flow, logic, data, and processes.

What if that “index” page is a flow chart page instead? We can build the entire app work-flow functionality in that “index” landing page as a flow chart page. The top of this flow chart page, of course, will be the “index” page, and when we click on it, it will go to the actual “index” page. Then click on other icons in the flow chart page that will go to or create that page. We also link the same kind of functions existing elsewhere in the app to the same page.

In this case, it is easier to understand and know the complete picture of the entire app.

I think this is a task that might be better carried out in a different platform. For example, I would probably use some thing if like Figma to create the wire frame outline for my app or website

I’ve also done this in Microsoft Word before by just taking screenshots of my app and pasting it into word. Then I drew shapes between the pictures of the things that somebody might click on. And then I added dialogue below each picture to add further description or explanation.