No page when launching

Hi, I’m very new to this. so far I have a very basic app that I am wanting to test. I have got it live however when I open the link it can’t find a page. Is there a way to tell bubble what page I want to be the “Landing” page?

Hi there,

So in the Bubble Editor, if you right click on the page, you can perform the operation:

This will essentially make the page you are currently viewing in the editor the new ‘homepage’ (the homepage is always named ‘index’)

When you are in the Editor, clicking the Preview link:
Will open a new tab and display the page as a live and rendered version.

Of course between multiple pages you’ve created, you will need a menu navigation or some type of linking structure - otherwise you will have to find the pages by name in your browsers URL bar.

When you click in the top left, to see your page structures, you can see the actual page name, for instance:

change-password would be actual end URL so for instance is available for purchase -

For naming the pages I suggest using lowercase with hyphens (-). You can if you prefer use underscores as well (_)

Hope this helps clear things up…


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