How to create a URL path for pages?

Hi there,

I looked at the forum about User friendly URLs and I am trying to figure it out, but failed. So hopefully someone can help me.

I am building portal for testing purposes. My index page shows a login en after successfull login the user gets redirected to the portal section of my app portal-home. But I want it to be /portal/home. Then there as an example the user can go to the profile page /portal/profile.

Question: I have read about using navigation and using open external webpage or using external links to navigate to /portal/home or /portal/profile. But the problem is that my pages are renamed to portal_home and portal_profile. So how can I manage to let these pages be located at /portal/home and /portal/profile. Because navigating to these paths results in an 404.


Hi Frans.

You can take a look at concept app I created a couple of weeks ago.

After you submit a proposal you press the button “Take a look at the proposal”.

Then you see a URL with this pattern /version-test/view-proposal/1545382457343x853567764675428400

In the editor you can discover how this al works.


The app