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Bubble editor not launching - redirecting to

Hi, just tried on Safari and Chrome - I have 2 public apps and neither editor is launching. I click and it tells me it’s loading the app, but then it redirects back to the home page (logged in).

Hey – we’re fixing this right now! Should be fixed in about half an hour. In the meanwhile, if you go to[insert-app-name-here], it should load.


Cool, thanks!

Shows the error: “Sorry, we are having a temporary issue loading application data. Please try reloading the page in a bit…”

Other apps, like the tutorials or examples, are working…I can run my apps, but not laugh the editor…

Which URL are you trying to open?

Can you try without the P:

it works fine for me here.

It’s back to normal…opened from the dashboard :grin:

Good. We deployed a fix, sorry about that.