Problem to access my online'bubbles app, why?

Dear All,
I m new on this platform. I want to try an idea via an app I want to build for.
I did start but after 2 days I was not able anymore to access to my app. why ?

this is the adress that the platform want me to go when I click on my app link :

but then thepage is …blank. I can’t do antyhting. I waited few minutes, thinking that was an update but it is not.

Thank you in advance for helping me on this point.

Best regards,


Hi there, @cichocki.nicolas… we can’t access your editor via the link you included, but if you are having trouble accessing your app, your best bet is to submit a bug report and let Bubble take a look. Oh, and if you haven’t tried clearing your cache and re-launching your editor, you should give that a shot, too.


Dear Mike,
thanks for the answer. I m reporting a bug because the relaunching did not work !

All the best to you,


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