Bubble Editor - WriteAi

I wanted to bring to your attention some difficulties I’ve been encountering with the editor tool. Despite making changes to certain input fields within the editor, I’ve noticed that when I preview the page, the names revert to their old versions, and the page fails to refresh accordingly. This inconsistency is hindering my workflow and the accuracy of the content being presented.

Furthermore, I’ve implemented a toggle workflow to display the login group while hiding the signup group. However, upon previewing the page, I’ve discovered that the Login button is unresponsive, rendering the functionality unusable.

I’ve attempted troubleshooting by clearing my browser cache and ensuring proper saving of changes within the editor, but the issues persist. Additionally, I’ve inspected the implementation of the toggle workflow to verify its correctness, yet the problem with the Login button persists.

Could you please assist me in resolving these issues? Any guidance or support you could provide would be greatly appreciated.