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Features aren't working (Native App)

I currently have most of my app set up, but I’ve recently run into a problem with it. I haven’t changed anything other than adding a few buttons, but I’m not sure why it has stopped working. When you go to the “Your Account” group, you will see that the workflows are correct. To preview it, it would be best on mobile. Create an account, and go to the bottom right icon (users icon). The group I have set for that icon, won’t show up at all. Everything else is working but this. I don’t know why this is happening, but if you could help that would be fantastic! This seems to be getting in the way of the rest of my features I am needing to add. Thanks

Looks like the Your Account group is within a group called Current Search. You will need to remove the Your Account Group from the Current Search Group as Current Search’s group is not visible when the index is set to YourAccount

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Okay thanks a lot I was able to fix that. I don’t know why that happened. I had it working before until I previewed it while adding more things, and then found out it wasn’t working. Again thanks a lot!!

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