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Bubble email validator

On a signup flow after an email has been tested with bubble email validator and validator says that email looks fake (or something similar, I already forgot what it says) user still is created (I can see it in my db)

Well you need to add the right condition. The email validator just says yes / no, but you need to use it in a condition on the workflow if you want to prevent the sign up action to run.

How this condition could look like? In “sign the user up” parameters and workflow actions I can’t find anything regarding Email Validator at all… It is logical that if an email looks fake (and I use your Email Validation) and the user receives a message “email looks fake” then user account should not be created.

We let the user to decide this. What you do is add a condition on the event, and say "Get Data from API (with the email validator) and check the value. See the screenshot

Thanks for your prompt reply. So this condition will be met only if the email address does NOT exist? (btw exists and fake are different conditions or they are the same only trigger different messages?)

What we means is that there is no one behind the address, to the best of our knowledge.

The best way to do this though is to ask users to click on a link in an email, bubble has this built in. Not sure you need this plugin.

Yes, but this plugin was automatically added to my plugins. I thought it was recommended to use it. Could you please tell me more about it, what it checks and how it checks? (I mean the plugin that gives you the message “fake email”)

I’ve uninstalled this plugin but it still gives me the error “email looks fake or invalid”

Well make sure you’re not using the plugin at all.

I am using “[email protected]” as a signup email but it still gives me this error-message, even without the plugin. Maybe there is another email verificator built in the bubble?

which app is it?


Hi, emmanuel

I’ve done exactly what you mentioned and added e-mail validator to the sign-up workflow as a condition (using “and when”) - pls see the screen.

But seems it doesn’t work: I tried e-mails like [email protected] and there was no ERROR message.

Pls kindly advise how to fix it.

Sorry. Forgot to add “is YES”.
But it doesn’t change anything :((

Can you reproduce the situation on the forum_app so that we can test?

Hi Emmanual –

Was there a change made to the email validator? For some reason, it is now rejecting certain e-mail addresses that I know are correct (and I feel like they were going through the other day). Thank you!

No, no change at all.

Hm, so what do you think the reason could be that email addresses that are correct aren’t going through? I notice that most gmail addresses are being approved, but many non-google domains are being rejected. This is just an observation, not sure whether it is relevant.

Unsure what’s going on here. The validator seems to be preventing an email from being sent…

On “no” it should display an alert I created - that works, and on “yes” it should display a different alert AND send an email… the different alert also works, so I know the workflow is going, but the email is never sent. I tested a straight click button > send email with the same address (mine) and I got an instant email. Any idea what’s going on?

Did you check the logs? And used the debugger to make sure the action gets run?