Bubble email validator flagging real email addresses as fake

I have a workflow set up that prevents users from signing up for my app if they enter an invalid email address using the email validator plugin.

However, a few users have notified me of a few false negatives. Their very real email addresses (ones they’ve used to alert me to the issue) are being flagged as not real.

Has anyone else had issue with this?

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I haven’t used the email validator, but I suspect there’s no highly accurate way to use email addresses to verify someone’s identify. As such, I would recommend that you don’t use it to block people from your site, but instead use it to, say, determine whether you require someone to validate their email before you give them full access. For people with a valid email, perhaps just skip it.

Anyhow, just a thought.

I have come across this issue as well.

@emmanuel what service/API does the Bubble Email Validator use?

Would be good to know so that if we try to make another one we don’t replicate the Bubble one

In order to prevent spam signups or fake email signups, I have my app email a code to the user that allows them to create an account. I’m not using the validator to verify identity, just to make it difficult and costly to create fake accounts.

Sites like https://email-checker.net/ seem to be more accurate in validating real addresses than the current Bubble email validator.

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