Email Validator Plugin Not Working

Hi all,

Any idea why the email validator plugin isnt working built by Bubble? I’ve got a workflow condition on the signup button that only signs up if the check email is exists returns true, otherwise it sets a custom state on the input to show its invalid. However, eventhough I’m using real email addresses, it doesnt pass them as valid.

Any help greatly appreciated


What do you see when you use inspect mode?

The reason response is ‘No email provided’ which is not true as I am correctly passing the input’s value to the API. No errors in inspect mode

Just to double check, because this has tripped me up once before. Are you sure you’re referencing the same inputs (ie. do you have two fields on the page named “email” and perhaps you’re entering a value in the wrong one?

As well, I see you have “Invalid” as part of your conditional state - I’m assuming that’s associated with some sort of custom state because Bubble’s built-in text is “isn’t valid”, not “Invalid”?

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Yep its the correct input fields, i double checked that!

Invalid is a custom state for the input, so when the email address validated returns ‘no’ by the plugin then i can show conditional styling and placeholder

It’s hard to help further without access to an editor. If you’d like feel free to PM me a link and I’ll take a look.

My guess is that it’s likely related to the sequence of events in your workflow. (Ie. where you have the set state action).

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Hi, thanks we figured it out. we used conditions on the input and button itself to check before hand as oppose to being a workflow condition

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