Bubble errors raised with a Dynamic Data search

I have a problem with the dynamic data.

I have 2 tables:

1- User with bubble built-in fields - email, unique_id…
2- Friendship with the following fields among others: created_by (the inviter id) and invitee_id.

As a matter of fact, a friendship beetween A & B is recorded with 2 rows: one where the inviter is A & the invitee is B and an other where B is the inviter & A the invitee.

I want to have a list of people who have been invited but who have not accepted this invitation yet (or in other words a friendship where one of the 2 rows have only be created).

In Bubble, I try to select these people with the following searches within a repeating group: search for User with 1 constrain (unique_id = search for Frienship with 2 constrains (invitee_id = current_user & inviter_id isn’t in search for Frienship with 1 constrain (invitee = current_user))).

Bubble however raise the 2 following errors:

  • “Dynamic Data in text boxes must be printable as text, but instead this is a List of Frienships”.
  • “Search for Friendships: value should be List of User but right now it is a List of Friendship”.

What did I miss ?

I got it !

invitee_id and inviter_id fields have both a User type. I can directly make a search on Friendship table as long as I specify that the fields to look at into the Friendship table with a User type (i.e. invitee_id and inviter_id).

The correct configuration seems to be:

  • Type of content: User
  • Data sources Search for search for Frienship’s invitee_id with 2 constrains (invitee_id = current_user & inviter_id isn’t in search for Frienship’s inviter_id with 1 constrain (invitee_id = current_user))

Am I right ?

have a look at this post I put up about setting up a search results page…it may help

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