Bubble Expert for Finishing Touches

Hey Folks,
We’ve got some decent build complete and are looking for someone with deep experience to help with some pretty standard/common requirements.

1 - sendgrid issues: having our system messages/emails not flagged as spam
2 - stripe implementation: we’ve got most of it in place, I think we need some testing & refinement on it.
3 - footer issues: I cannot for the life of me get the footer to format properly and not have space beneath it. Probably some other formatting challenges someone very experienced can aid with rapidly.
4 - as a larger item, we have a need for “recurring availability” for activities our users create. So when a user can make something available every Tuesday from 4-6, for example. As part of this, I think we have some time-zone considerations that will need to be addressed as well.

1 - would like to explore options integrating with our Zoho CRM, mainly to facilitate higher quality emails being sent out and to sync up with email automation workflows we have there.
2 - we would like to accommodate multiple currencies (Stripe)
3 - security review - would like someone familiar with bubble to make sure we’ve got things designed securely.

I don’t think anything here is out of the ordinary or extraordinarily difficult, and little of it is idiosyncratic to our concept/application.

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Just a tip, for point 1, get in touch with SendGrid regarding this. But most likely you are sending to bad/fake email addresses via your platform, downgrading your rating.

Our SendGrid reputation is solid at this stage. Also our user are all manually approved, so we’re highly confident with email authenticity. Thanks for the tip though!! :slight_smile:

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Hello Adriana,

It is nice to hear from you!

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I am happy to answer your questions if you have any.

regards, Karen