HELP! Cannot set up Sendgrid


Cannot see.a suitable subgroup for this so went with Plugins. After 3-4 months of development by yours truly plan is to start getting our site live to our US university and college partners today or tomorrow.

Quite a few bits and bobs to fix first. One problem is Sendgrid which I understand is the only way to get emails sent from our domain. We will send emails triggered by different things. So if we add a new user then certain user types will get a notification or for partners submitting student applications then a change in the application status or and questions on the application added by us would trigger an email etc. Most immediately (i.e. this month) it will be the change password email as everyone will need to do that before they can log in.

So right now the email goes from and if we have to start going live with that situation then we will do so temporarily. I have been emailing backwards and forwards for a week with Sendgrid as the authentication is just not working bringing up a vallidation error that Exoected CNAME does not match . Anyone had a similar problem? The Sendgrid helpdesk is fairly responsive but we are not getting anywhere. Our host is Simpleservers in UK and I am in Vietnam right now (not sure if it is an IP issue).

It is very frustrating that Sendgrid is not better integrated to do this in a couple of simple clicks as by its nature is intending for fairly non-technical people…

I think this might’ve been an issue I had in the very beginning of my app, but it was later resolved when the domain was ported from GoDaddy over to Google Domains. I personally am not a fan of Sendgrid after the many ordeals I had with them, trash email delivery, terrible customer support, etc.

Interesting issue, are the CNAME records showing up when you do a records search on your domain?

Maybe changing hosts would fix it. It would be good if could do a better integration. I am non technical so quite a headache. The domain is and not sure the CNAME records do show up on a record search (did not look like it).

The problem is that is marketed as a tool for non technical people like myself so this integration really needs to be a breeze. Ideally it would be seamless.

I am waiting for next response from sendgrid but it is a case of get another suggestion, implement it, wait hours for propagation, still not work, message sendgrid again, repeat…

Bubble is pretty non-technical. The most technical it might get is reading some API documentation from other services. But, if I’m being for real and honest to you, I’d just ditch Sendgrid and go integrate Postmark- I just helped out @lihte with doing this.

Also check out this thread, might be more insight of whether you might want to stick with Sendgrid or go to Postmark. Postmark is awesome

2 Likes is great. I would expect to have paid at least 20,000 USD or more for what we will be getting live over the next month and it would likely have been even more work for me managing the developer, explaining, testing, wireframes etc, than doing myself.

Our need for email is very basic. Will be a few hundred users and just notification emails by triggers so we just want the easiest solution. I understood we are stuck with Sendgrid or at least that is the one integrated the best?

Basically we want to be able to send the emails through workflows. How it works now is fine except it comes from domain…

Are you on a paid plan of Sendgrid? I think it might just be an issue with your domain.

Not paid yet just trying to get set up to get started… thanks for replies.

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Yeah… I’m not sure what to tell you if you’d choose to stick with Sendgrid. It seems to me that it’s a problem with your domain and them.

The other option you mentioned will this work with and integrate in to workflows?

Yes, it will!

Sorry checked your link,. Seems there is a plug in. WIll try that - plain text for emails is fine for us. They are notifications not marketing emails. Hopefully Postmark will work quite seemlessly and work in workflows with the plug in.

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Hope that works out for you! They are pretty nice and if you’re a startup, they offer you $75 in credits to get started!

I’ve been using Sendgrid for a while now and, whilst being on a shared IP on their free plans is pretty bad for deliverability (understandably), since getting our own IP we’ve had no issues at all with deliverability

@stephen.clegg, you say you’re using Simpleservers for your domain? It’s worth noting that some domain registrars automatically include the domain at then end of DNS record values, resulting in an incorrect value (so perhaps that could be the issue?). Have you tried entering the CNAME values Sendgrid gives you with your domain removed? (i.e. ‘em123’ instead of ‘’)

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Thanks Adam I tried that.

Sendgrid do not have good customer service at all and they have been unable to give me advice that gets things set up - it’s taken a week of my time. We have both agreed I should try another service.

That said I am a complete beginner at this set up but I assume many are. So any advice on setting up Postmark? We are going to start going live in 5-6 hours so for now we will be using for emails for password reset etc.


With the plugins available on the Bubble Plugin store it’s very easy, alternatively you can also use APIs which are also easy to setup. Just up to you.

Honestly I have no idea is there a link to clear instructions? I could not find any. I did find a plug in and set up a server and added the API. It seems again I need to modify DNS settings? thanks so much. This is by far the worst part of the last 4 months developing the app trying to set this up!

Yes you do, do your records sync with Postmark servers? When I did my setup it was instant.

I had a look earlier and was struggling. I will email to my host and ask them to do it. They are very responsive then lets see. Thanks!

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So I asked by host to set up DNS settings and the instant they did it seemed email from Postmark came saying it had propagated. I am now pending approval after filling their brief form. I have added the Server Key to the plug in. Now I just need to wait until approved? Will sending emails via Postmark now be an option in workflows? I have a few cases went I want users notified of actions (adding new users etc.) and password reset. Thanks so much for help so far!

You’ll either have to:

  1. Install a plugin to send emails


  1. Setup the API connector with Postmark (Recommended)