Bubble Expert Needed for longer term projects

Hello, I am looking for someone who is an expert using Bubble. We have a project that needs to be dialed in further from a work flow functionality standpoint.

Please send me current and past projects.



Hey there :wave:!

Would working on the project via video chat and screen sharing work for you? I could explain to you how to do certain things and help move your app to the next level. I don’t do freelance anymore but I do help with training/coaching. If this is something you are interested in you can check out my site and book an appointment. :+1:

Most of my clients book me once or twice a week. Then they work on their project in between that time, since I showed them how to do things already, and implement what they learned.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Hello ,
I think you should go marketplace and find out a best seller for your project. That will be easy for you.
Thank you.