Bubble extremely slow - local, or anyone else experiencing? (probably local issue, in touch with support)

After the problems yesterday, Bubble has been very unreliable for about 24 hours now for me. I tried the cache clearing, and it makes no difference.

Loading a page can easily take 1-2 minutes. The editor is equally slow, but both comes and goes.

This could of course be a local thing. How’s everyone else doing?

It’s working at the usual speed for me (editor and live) although I didn’t experience any of the issues encountered by others yesterday. Based in the UK although I’m not sure that actually makes any difference.

Mine stopped completely now, and, getting the old:


And this one is kicking in sporadically, which is a message I’ve never seen over three years of Bubbling, do don’t thinkt it’s actually too buys.


Just filed a bug report, if anyone else if experiencing this, shout out, if not I’ll assume it’s an app related or local network related thing.

I just visited you’re website at version-test. It’s working properly for me.

PS: You have an awesome business, I really like you’re design and information presented on the homepage.

your site works fine for me too


Thanks for testing it and getting back to me, and for the kind words!


Thanks for testing!

The site is not quite ready for the limelight, so I blurred the URL now, from what you’re saying it seems like it’s something going on on my end. If the bug report uncovers something others might be interested in, I’ll share it here.

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