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This blog doesn’t give you advice when someone replies to you like on facebook, so…

Go there and join :smiley: and let’s grow the community (20 bubblers already)

From a bubbler :slight_smile:

I don’t see any benefit to splitting off and joining a Facebook group instead of continuing building a community here. This forum is more easily searchable, the feedback and advice get queried by Google and other search engines, and nearly 100% of all Bubblers have an account and get notified when activity is posted here.

I’m open to hearing reasons why we should feel compelled to have a Facebook group, but first can you share what your specific problems are with this community?

^^^ This doesn’t give any insight into your particular situation or how creating a 3rd party group will improve our experience in Bubble.


I think you’re having a laugh… Bubbles forum is based on Discourse go to the settings/notifications in your profile and then knock yourself out with options

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Is cool to have bubble in your facebook, I feel is like faster :smiley:

Here I have to visit the forum and is an extra window open on my computer… with the facebook group is the same facebook and no extra window

No extra window open on chrome or whatever you use :smiley:

Notifications get to your cellphone :smiley:

you can inbox people on the same page and not having to send PM all the time having to give like 4 extra clicks

Honestly, if all of this bothers someone I imagine they are not going to be the type of person to enjoy Bubble and app development in general. Tabs galore should be a mantra if you’re learning Bubble; why limit yourself in learning new skills or a new platform because it adds extra tabs to your browser window? Embrace the tabs! This community covers all of your bases and you are missing out if you decide not to take advantage of the people and knowledge located here.

This ^^^

Some people will never ever want to make things faster and easier, progress has always the same problems.

Note: If you don’t want to help other bubblers on facebook, don’t try to stop someone who wants.

Another +1 for not moving knowledge to Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are useful for notifications on features, but are TERRIBLE ways to build a community of knowledge.

What happens with Facebook Groups is that people post a question, and it is answered eagerly by founding users in the community. A few weeks later because there is no suitable archive or search function, a new member asks the same question… This time users reply, but with less detail because they’ve done this before. Then again, a few weeks or months later, the same question is posted… this time, the user gets no response because the other users are sick of answering the same question. Eventually new users are mocked for asking “stupid” questions.

That’s the fundamental problem with Facebook. With these forums right here, the knowledge is stored and searchable. Searching first is encouraged. The community here is actually better than many other platforms.

If Bubble had an official Facebook page where new features were announced, that’s about the only page I’d subscribe to relating to Bubble on Facebook.


You will not be stopped from grouping on Facebook. But a Facebook group will not become a viable support channel.

This forum is the best I’ve come across for supporting developers in a particular technology. I can think of no good reason to spin off any energy to a second channel, Facebook or otherwise.