Bubble Community Site - Any interest?

Hi guys,

Many of us are highly interested in and passionate with Bubble. Some of us are fairly active on the forum as well.

I’m thinking of creating a Bubble community site, where people can connect with other bubble enthusiasts and share what they’re working on.

I’m looking to see if people would be interested in being a part of this. I’ll build it if there’s enough interest, and will build it based on your feedback - maybe even build it live.

If you are at all interested, sign up to be added to the list :slight_smile: - https://bubblefan.bubbleapps.io/

Well, isn’t this sort of the Bubble community site? (Not that there isn’t room for more, but ya know, it’s not the biggest community in the world.) If there’s a new Category here you’d like to see created here in the forum, I bet we could get that made.

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Not to discourage you, but this forum is enough to keep community connected. Bubble hardcore community(those that actively engage) is very small to segregate it. There have already been several projects that have failed(Slack and Bubble apps).

You would do better by putting that time into another project.

If you want to keep it Bubble related I’m sure we can brainstorm something that will be useful for the community.

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Folks have tried this in the past (as well as Slack, as well as Discord), and it never takes off. There’s simply too much going on here, and having another place to go and check doesn’t seem to make sense.

I WILL ask a different question of you, though: What needs do you have that are unmet? What are you hoping to solve with a new community site?


Discourse has terrible ux.
this one is nice https://spectrum.chat/

I wasn’t necessarily talking about starting a chat group. I did join the one that was started a year or so ago and could tell it wasn’t going to pick up.

I was more so thinking of profiles and checkins to see/showcase what people are working on. Maybe incorporate a meetup page as well.

It was just a thought! That’s why I put it up as a post here on the forum. Didn’t want to build anything without getting feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback!

I didn’t build anything yet, because I wanted to hear peoples thoughts first, so no time wasted :slight_smile:

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Agree with the other folks. This Bubble forum as well as the Zeroqude forum seem to be more than sufficient to keep the Bubble community connected. Would be curious to hear how your idea would be different. But maybe your Bubble community site could add value not being delivered on this community forum, but I can’t think of what that would be.

If you’re looking to build something that I think could hold a high value and support the Bubble Community, you may think about a marketplace of type in which a person could outline out a specific function or component they need for their app and you could walk through and create it as a screencast and monetize it accordingly.

As someone who has been teaching himself all there is to do about bubble, my mind doesn’t work in a way that can identify every single one of the use cases in which a specific function can be utilized. Allowing those that want to still build for themselves but to get very specific help might make a lot of sense, as it would be created to a specific use case and promote multiple lines of monetization. It may also be valuable to the creators as if they can see that 10 people want something quick and easy those people can get micro lessons for $2 per person 4 maybe 15 minutes worth of work which equates to roughly $80 an hour for the one person to do the specific walkthrough.

Just brainstorming out loud a bit.

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