Bubble favicon proving too sticky to remove (mainly in Safari)

Hello team,

I have followed the regular suggestions about putting my own icon in Bubble:

  1. Gone to settings - General appearance and changed the favicon
  2. Installed the plugin “Dynamic Favicon | Customize Favicon” and inserted the visual element on all the pages

Even so, the bubble favicon still appears in certain conditions when browsing with Safari:
a. When the user is not signed in
b. When navigating to a particular element of a recurring group inside the main index page
At other times, my app icon appears properly. In Chrome, it seems that my app icon always appears properly.

It seems that the bubble favicon gets deeply embedded in the app and is very hard to fully remove? Anyone have better luck with this?

Other things I’ve done:

  1. Made sure that there are no conditionals on the dynamic favicon plugin element
  2. made sure that it’s at the top level of the page
  3. Wondered if the ‘dynamic’ nature actually means that it needs some time during page reloads to dynamically change the favicon away from Bubble?

I have had the same problem, and notably also only in Safari. Chrome works perfectly. This seems like a problem with Bubble.io—and really it shouldn’t be so difficult as the above process.

It’s been a year since I updated favicon of one of my app second time, but safari still shows an old one, that I put first time (in mean, not bubble’s icon). I did not try to fix it actually, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with bubble’s icon itself…

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