How to get rid of Bubble's logo on live version

Hi all,
The title says it all. After launching my app to live, and even after changing the app favicon, the app still shows Bubble’s favicon and the mention “Bubble | No-code apps”.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Do you have a paid plan? If not, you won’t be able to remove the Bubble icon at the bottom right and the fav icon. The page name itself is the “Bubble | No-code apps”, this can be changed by double clicking your page and editing the top line. :slight_smile:


You can change your Favicon in the ‘General’ tab of your app settings. If you’re still seeing the old one in your browser it’s probably just a browser cache issue, so clear you cache and you should see you own favicon.

Page titles are set on individual pages in the property editor for the page itself.

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