Bubble gets a new look/UI?

It appears that Bubble.is has a new look/UI!

Looks promising!


I noticed it too! It looks amazing :heart_eyes: Thanks Bubble!

Yes… there’s been a lot of chatter about a Bubble design relaunch… looks like it’s here :slight_smile:

Looks like the pricing is lower too :slight_smile:

And certainly looks more of it’s time.

Looking good, freshened up. Liking the shapes style parallax.

I noticed it when the debugger turned blue and I was like, what style did I mess up!

Good to see Bubble investing in this too :slight_smile:

Couple of (minor!) comments though:

  1. Not sure I get the random shapes
  2. Can the apps overview rg have more columns when page is stretched? Im on a 4k monitor and see 3 apps in the old setup, the new setup allows for even more but I only see 2.



  1. Can the theme color be customized? :stuck_out_tongue:
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Can’t be sure but in the least it ‘feels’ like the editor is running faster :slight_smile:

Noticing a bit of the new blue style integrated into the Editor
e.g. image

Pricing didn’t change though. Only the UI.

Love the change, but I feel it needs a dark theme at least the editor.


Is it just the colour scheme?

edit : and measurements between eleements

interesting the mobile side bar menu has gone

Cool, happy to see this redesign! Little feedback from my side:

The good:
I like the more flat, black-and-white look on both the site and the Bubble UI. Less shades of gray make it look more modern, which is nice. Choosing that Serif font for headings makes it look more personal and less tech-y, which fits the Bubble philosophy. Also, super cool to see my Bubble project being featured on the Showcase of course! :smiley:

What I think can be improved:
I do think the blue color is a bit too bright. This “100% Blue” really burns your eyes (and monitor), haha. I also think there might be a better alternative to the Open Sans body font, which feels a bit old fashioned compared with the now-super-hip style.

All in all really glad to see Bubble progress on this area. Great work, guys! :clap: