Bubble home page - new UI?

It had been a while since I visited the Bubble home page, and I just noticed what appears to be a new UI for constructing workflows - i.e. the “blocks” representing workflow steps and having an orange title region. Does that actually exist, and can one opt in to use it? I’m wondering if I missed an announcement or something. :neutral_face:

Not yet, and I checked bubble.io/version-test as well :wink:

Thanks, @deadpoetnsp. I wasn’t sure if that was a depiction of something that actually exists (even if not yet available to users) or if it was just a “mock-up” used for marketing. If it’s “real”, it looks promising. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah this was changed about a month ago in the redesign - its more of a visionary concept to consceptulize to new users the process I suppose.

But who knows what the new Bubble editor will bring, hopefully something refreshing, intuitive and easy to use - a combination feat if they can pull it off :crossed_fingers: