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Bubble hangs on "Make this page new index"

When I try to make a new page the index, it hangs on "Please wait, changing the index page. Any ideas?

Can you share a link to the editor?

I got it taken care of, I just logged out and back in.

Hello Bubble Team!

Currently having a similar problem where it hangs when I attempt to turn the “government” page into the index page. The index page was changed, but the new page never replaced it (so the Index page remains empty). I restarted my browser and emptied all cookies to no avail.

Here’s the editor link:

Thanks in advance for any help!

It is generally not a great idea to use an old bug thread to post this as old bugs have been fixed. Do you mind filing a bug report instead, that’s the way to go with bugs.

Sure thing, sorry about that!