Index page not working

Hey Bubble community. I hope you all are doing well and having a fantastic night or morning depending on where on the globe you are.

I wanted some advice or any possible suggestions on how to fix an issue we are facing. I am not sure if this is an issue on the Bubble backend itself. Or if I am potentially missing something.

Our live website has an Index page that we are looking to just simply replace with our new and improved homepage. We have changed our Index before already successfully by right clicking and selecting the new index.

Although we are running into the issue where Bubble is displaying the loading screen, as if it was going to create the page. Although the page either crashes, or endlessly loads for eternity. (See ScreenShots)

We have attempted to solve this by:

1.) Removing Cookies from our browser for all time
2.) Trying a second browser.
3.) Logged into a second desktop device.
4.) Removed Old Index Page
5.) Signed out of Bubble
6.) Removed any possible heavy elements. Hoping it would load and I could re add these elements.

Sadly none of these have fixed the bug or issue we are running into.

Any advice is so much appreciated. Thanks also to the Bubble team for being here for the community.

I might have two suggestions:

  1. Try creating a copy of this page (Add a new page → Clone from this) and make this one the new index. Maybe Bubble has something weirdly stuck with the page that you showed in the screenshots.
  2. Copy all the elements in this page for another application (CTRL+A on the page → Right click → Copy to another app) and paste to the current index. This will paste all workflows and everything. Of course, you may want to backup your current index page, clear it, and set the layout of it the new index page (in the screenshots).
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Hey man, Thanks so much for the suggestions. When I wake up tomorrow will test just that. I appreciate your help so much