Bubble hiring platform [app?]

I’m looking for a developer to complete some work (I see others on the forum trying to do the same).

I’ve reached out to a few influencers and plugin developers to quote me, however I found myself asking why there isn’t already some platform for this available already.

I (or any other bubblers) could create a hiring platform, but surely it would be better if users on this forum were already integrated.

Anyone else had similar thoughts? Bubble could charge a commission fee and add a rating system and grow this for us (and make money in the process). It seems like a better solution to have something built-in, rather than external to bubble.


I don’t think it’s something that would be high on Bubble’s roadmap… would take away their resources from other important aspects (performance, etc.).

It’s a great idea though, I definitely think someone should build this.

How would the proposed app be any different than the existing “Freelance” category? Except that, perhaps, there would be fewer postings on the app then the category due some users not aware of the app.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I remember a couple years ago someone made one however I tried to look for it a while ago and could t find any reference to it

At one time Bubble actually had Bubble Certified Partners but they eliminated the program. They do still have this page: https://bubble.io/agencies

@mattb I’d love to share our upcoming Nucode updates with you. This is one of the big issues we’re trying to solve with our new design. :slight_smile:


Unique feedback could be a good differentiation. Same thoughts to @eli as well - both parties could leave feedback after a financial transaction (on work completion). This would create genuine feedback and allow the hiring party to find the right partner/agency for the job.

@joe5 any stripe connect (custom) guides? I had a search but came up blank.

OK, right, right. Ebay style feedback where buyer and seller both have the opportunity to submit ratings.

I like, I like.

The question remains… who’s going to make it… :slight_smile:

Yeah this is all something we’re building into Nucode if you’re interested in chatting more about it! Would love your feedback on what we’ve built so far for our upcoming update!

Ahhh ok. I didn’t pick that up from your last post. I would be interested in learning more about how your feedback system and payments work.

I feel like making a bubble freelancer app in bubble there would be some high standards and lots of critic

High standards and critiqie are a good thing in my opinion.

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