What a coder/programmer thinks about using Bubble app?


This is somewhat a dumb topic. Sorry about that.

For all those interested: comet.co used Bubble for about 16 months before building the platform with developers… What they do is pick specialized IT freelancers for your project

so if this becomes a popular topic in the future I just wanted to make sure that I don’t create bad PR for Bubble, because that wasn’t the point of it - more of my entrepreneurial insecurity :slight_smile:

Hey folks,

I’m building a platform strictly for freelance programmers that look for jobs. I just wanted to ask those of you who have background in programming and know Bubble, would you have, from the lack of better word, some slight disillusionment (sorry Bubble team! still love you) with the app because it is build on Bubble? (or if you knew that Bubble is “no-code” would you be impressed :smiley: :smiley: ?? )

App is about connecting companies and freelancers, nothing fancy, main value for the freelancer is in the connection not the software (its a SPA + its optimized so the experience for now is great but of course there are some things that I can’t control) - so my question is: does it matter to you if you were to join the platform? (its free for freelancers tho)


Had first users today and one of the feedbacks was that 99% of programmers use tabbing to switch between inputs and forms on the app are not optimized for that - and that hurt my feelings and then came second thoughts if I had picked the right freelancer group to build an app for :smiley: (picky bastards jk)

if use an app and it provides value to you do you give a f*** its build on bubble? I know the answer just looking for some validation!!!


This plugin might help you with the tabbing issues your users are seeing, lol.


:laughing: hahah thanks already implemented!

g this topic sounds dumb

what I meant is that I’m building a platform based heavy on trust, and the philosophy “freelancer first” so I do not know how the app experience, although I invested a lot so it could be simple and great, will influence the trust of the freelancer in my company and therefore my competence to serve this group :thinking:

In my personal opinion, the best thing you can do is get your product in the hands of your user group and get as much feedback as you can. If you’re listening to your customers, fixing bugs and implementing new features they want, then more often than not it won’t matter what your background in that field is. Like with any business, building a loyal customer base that trusts in your brand takes time. You just gotta keep working at it and proving to your customers you’re there to make their lives easier not just making your pockets bigger.

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99% of people either don’t care about the stack, or they are impressed and it strikes a conversation over live chat if they see its built on Bubble (especially if you really take your time with great design and UI).

The tiny tiny percentage of people who question/dislike the use of Bubble will never be buyers (trust me on this) and are completely the wrong type of customer fit.

So, build on Bubble - it’s the best platform to build on. Remember at this point in your startup you should be focusing on solution/problem fit and validating your idea with your customers and not worrying about the type of bricks to build the house.

Hope that helps!


@lockymadera @help thank’s for the cheer up guys haha

I’ve put a lot of hours during my first year bubblin so I know that I can build competitive (and even better) platforms using Bubble, so that was never my issue. More of a PR/branding question, but you guys are right - getting the PMF with the service it’s all this is about

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Or investors. You don’t want that type either.


In the late 80s I built an FX trading system. The mouse was quite a new concept, and our initial user feedback was that, yes, your IBM PC comes with a mouse, but, no, it will get safely put down the back of the desk as it will be the first thing to get flung across the room if a trade goes badly. So make sure the system can operate on keyboard only :slight_smile:



just starting the process of doing that… That will be a challange…

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Hahahahaha, PLEASE share more of these stories!!! :rofl: :+1:t5: