Bubble HTML email errors

Hey guys, having a bit of an issue here, I’m starting to think it’s bubble related rather than a plugin issue.

For quite a while our HTML emails went out no problem using the “HTML Mailer with Sendgrid or Gmail” (using sendgrid) it starting giving an error saying contact bubble with this error code


This isn’t just a single app or a single plugin, we tested the Email (bdk) plugin as well and keep getting the same error. Further more we created a sendgrid plugin ourselves to test the html send and still get the same error.

I dumbed it down thinking maybe there was an error or syntax in the HTML that bubble just didn’t like so I used a basic “hello world” html code…and I continued to get the same error.

Anyone have any thoughts?

@eve any chance you guys have a live bug case on this?

   <h1>Hello World<h1>

Update, Postmark sent fine, seems like it could be isolated to sendgrid HTML plugins (plain text didn’t seem effected). Still diving into it.

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