Anyone else frustrated with Sendgrid?

Hi Guys,

I returned to my “almost done” bubble app on personal plan after 10 months break without touching it. TO my surprise SENDGRID doesn’t work anymore. And I burned 2 hours with their site grrr.

Its not a bubble problem. Sendgrid has just a terrible site and policies. They wrote my (free) account is under review and I should contact support. Big support button doesn’t work, as it just brings too many redirects.

And that’s it. I’m stuck. No more emails from bubble. Bubble team should check out if SENDGRID is still best partner for them to be hardcoded in backend!

Anyone else with similar Sendgrid experience? And how did you solve it?


For me the fact that Sendgrid is built into Bubble but is no longer functional is the real issue! I can only create new Dynamic Templates and for some reason Bubble has not made the simple change from %body% to {{{Body}}} to enable us to send admin emails using a template. The more I work with Bubble the more little things pop up that a simple fixes!

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Exactly. I just want that all of us with sendgrid experience will write here their experience and I will bring it to attention of bubble support. It is a serious problem because they are main & only official email integration.
Luckily I found Amazon SES plugin (simple email service), which is cheapest email service and good for sending thousands of emails for free or pennies. I’m in process of creating new amazon SES instance for my domain and then I will setup plugin. I will let you know how it went. THis is the plugin AWS SES - Simple Email Service Plugin | Bubble

I had exact same problem - just as I was about to launch. I was in an infinite loop and couldn’t access Sendgrid support. It was probably my worst ever user experience.

I was advised to create a Postmark account which I did, but decided to just create a new Sendgrid account which is so far working. I don’t trust it though and will be looking for an alternative when I can.

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