How to send a HTML email


Im trying to send HTML with bubble but Im unable to find the right way. I already integrated sendgrid but the send email option its just for plain emails. I tried with the sendgrid plugin but I can only add args or variables to existing templates.

I already have the HTML I would like to send as the body, any suggestion on how I may do it?



I’m not as familiar with SendGrid, but I believe they let you upload html code for your email.

If they don’t, I often use Amazons SES. They have very well documented API’s so setting up the calls to send shouldn’t be to difficult.

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I have a plug-in for that. It’s currently in closed beta for testing. Send me a PM with your apps name and I will grant you access. It’s a drag and drop HTML builder

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I am very very interested in this!

Is this still something that you’re working on?

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