San Francisco / Bay Area Meetup

San Francisco Bay Area Bubble People. We’re long overdue for another Bubble meetup. Was quite fun last time around!

For a quick poll of those in the area:

  • Preferred time / day of week

  • Locations OK (ie. mid Peninsula / SF)

  • Your preference between

    1. Drinks and Chatting
    2. Presentations of "What I've Built"
    3. Quick demos / teaching cool concepts
    1. Cool with anything

(Bonus: I would happily consider a hybrid option. Presentations / live coding, with some snacks and drinks if someone is able to donate space).

Based on this, I’ll aim to schedule an event that aligns with group preference.


Preferred day / time: Tuesday 6pm
Drinks and Chatting 1-3x / mo, what I’ve built or am going to build: 1 x per month or quarter

I might be able to help with space once a quarter for a fairly large room that could easily hold 50 people

Thanks for responding and offering up space, appreciate it!

I’m gathering from a few other people I know in the area. But if you know of other local Bubblers, please spread the word.

  • Preferred time / day of week: noon-8p M-F

  • Locations OK (ie. mid Peninsula / SF): Mountain View or SF

Cool with anything :slight_smile:

I just got started, let me know if you need help with organizing!

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