San Francisco people, let's meet up on Oct 18

San Francisco / Bay Area Bubblers -

We’ve had meetups before, but this will be our best meetup yet. Why? Because we’ll have plenty of people there!

For this meetup, come ready to share what you’ve built (if you’d like), get/give support and have fun chatting with people that know the platform.

The meetup itself is free (+ major thanks to AirDev for hosting us at their workspace and @kenneth_r_schmidt for re-igniting interest ). So we have a good headcount, please RSVP via the Eventbrite below

Roll call: @kcronin99, @michael2, @laurence, @kenneth_r_schmidt, @igor, @ben7, @garrett.mccurrach, @joann.kuo, @andrewngilbert, @tehoffmann2, @edd, @brentsum, @vlad, @stephanie, @andersan, @ahaller, @alex4, @david2, @alexsstockton, @david, @amiller320


I plan to be there!

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Ima try to make it. (RSVP-ing on EB)

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I’ll be there

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Just RSVP’d!

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In. Thanks for setting up.

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Just signed up. It’s a tad early for me but I’ll try to get there as early as possible. Thx!

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if you all come singapore we will join :slight_smile:

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As of now, we have about 15 people registered to attend. Huzzah!

Please be sure to RSVP via Eventbrite. That’ll help us to have a proper headcount.

If you’re interested in sharing projects or looking for something in particular from the meetup, send me a PM.

P.S. @joann.kuo even if you can’t only make it for a bit, definitely try to stop by!

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Day-before reminder. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you tomorrow!

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to RSVP via Eventbrite.

just did! seeya in a bit

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oh I’ve got a project

  1. there was a funny update thing I wanted to ask y’all about before I update, now that I have users I’m responsible for ;0
  2. when do you know when to move off bubble? my app doesn’t work so well on mobile and its kinda important… :confused:
  3. new users! anybody want to beta test welcome!

Thanks for organizing the meet up, Dan. Had a great time meeting the Airdev team and other Bubble developers.

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Sorry to spam the list (below) but any interest in another meetup in April?

I missed this and think a meetup every ~6 months would be nice to help folks stay in touch and welcome newer members (like myself :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m happy to organize if there’s enough interest (perhaps >=10 folks?) Maybe <3 this if you’re interested?

@kcronin99, @michael2, @laurence, @kenneth_r_schmidt, @igor, @ben7, @garrett.mccurrach, @joann.kuo, @andrewngilbert, @tehoffmann2

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Yikes, how the time flies. We are certainly overdue for another meetup!

Sometime after April 10 would be best for me.

On April 4 I’ll be unveiling an app to a small audience to being on Alpha testers. (MVP testers?) I’ll want a week to settle in new users of new software before I commit to venturing out much.

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sounds great after apr 10 works for me as well. Looking fwd to it!

Hi - any chance we want to meet up in late April? Otherwise it might not be until July or so for me. Looking forward to it!

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I’m also keen for a meetup soon! I’m SF based.

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Did we ever decide on a date?

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