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Bubble index page and SEO index external home page

Hi everyone,

  1. How to differentiate the 2 index pages? Ofc when linking to index page (with bubble internal index) within the app it will redirect to mybubbleapp index… How to have the right set up with both external index (My SEO home page) and mybubbleapp internal index?

I don’t get that if I add my app as “app.” I’ll still have to link my bubble index as it.


Still a bit confused about this. I see I can add an app on the hosting website but how to link my bubble index page if is already the index.html.

A few set-ups can be skipped I guess. Bubble is hosted on its own servers and I’ll need to point my domain to it ( right?

Only setting thisngs up on my hosting website (robots.txt, .htaccess) still have to configurate a few things on bubble!

When I go live I’ll need support :wink: