Publishing a page developped in bubble as a page on an external website

I developped a form on bubble i want to publish it as a page on my external website ( where i have already a home page and lot of other pages)
As in bubble index have the same URL as the app domaine, which is similar to my website URL, i’m afraid that the users will land directly to my bubble index page instead to my original website home page, ( the bubble form is in a different page than the index one) could you please advise?
thanks by advance

Your Bubble app and website can not share the same URL. All of this is managed by your domain-provider where you can set the DNS A -record. (which is what controls what site is displayed when a user types your URL)

Why are your afraid the users will land on the wrong site? Can you develop and give examples?

Set up the bubble page as a subdomain of your homepage domain (e.g.,

If you are concerned about users landing on bubble page when intending to land on homepage add some querystring parameters when sending users to bubble page and then on Bubble page set up on page load “if those parameters arent there send the user to homepage”

I think you’re looking for an iFrame implementation.

This might help:

for exemple I have a website which has a homepage url as follows:
in bubble when we publish the app for the first time, it asks to share the domain name, so in this case it will be, which is the same as the homepage url of my initial website. this will create a conflict, so I need a solution for that, without a subdomain