Bubble interface buttons aren't working. need help!

Getting exactly the same - menu bar actions unresponsive:

page: index

Pick an element does work.

Exactly same behaviour across browsers - Chrome, Brave, Safari and Firefox.

Exactly across Bubble accounts.

issue kicked in when upgrade went live yesterday.

Strangely affecting Mac but not my Chrome book.

In the error log - there’s some kind of Object that’s getting a bad request.

Estou tendo o mesmo problema, no celular funciona normal, mas no computador estou tendo o mesmo problema que você.
limpei os dados do navegador, desinstalei navegador, instalei outro navegador, de nada adiantou.

O problema é causado por atualizações recentes feitas pela bolha, está afetando a todos, então vamos manter os dedos cruzados e aguardar a resposta.

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I have the same thing

mesmo problema aqui , bubble todo bugado .

sim … funcionando bem no celular, mas não no computador.

Check out this thread: Bubble application upgrade HELP!

Have y’all all filed a Bug Report? @eve said she couldn’t reproduce this issue.

Hi all,

We’re aware of something going on, but we haven’t been able to reproduce on our end yet.

So far, it seems like many of these reports are specifically about the combination of Edge + Windows. If you are experiencing problems and not using that specific combo, please file a bug report with details about your browser + operating system.


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My interface buttons aren’t working on a Mac - and across four browsers (two freshly installed) - chrome, firefox, safari and Brave - will file bug report.

I use Windows 7 and tested in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Samsung browser and the problems persist.

RGs not loading data, dropdowns not loading dynamic data, my tabs My Plugins and My Templates shows nothing (of course i have plugins and templates), editor locked on index page, and many more strange behaviors that started yesterday on evening (here in Brazil)… on the community of Renato Asse hundreds of people are complaining about these issues, that started after the upgrade, it seems. People are losing money with their apps that stopped working out of the blue, with app clients asking why their apps stopped work, delivery apps, etc.

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Same but using windows 10.

I Received this erros in page inspector

Look at the network.
I have exactly the same problems as Landowski said

You might be interested in my bug report #12808, Alan, which relates to another weird combo sitch causing malformed/failed calls to https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/ (on iOS Chrome… but only when the page is iframed).

Same issues, using Chrome / Windows 10

It’s almost 3 days and the problem is not solved yet. filed a bug.

Hello folks,

We appreciate your patience while we tracked this down! Our team has pushed a fix as of this morning; if you’re still seeing issues in your apps, please do let us know!

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Working fine!
Captura de Tela 2021-01-24 às 13.56.22

working fine now. thank you so much for the support.

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