Bubble.io calendar plug-in

Is there a way to mirror the bubble.io calendar plug-in on multiple pages? So I can create a new event on one calendar, and it auto-updates to the calendar on all other pages?


Yes there is.

Setup one page to be the managing page and another one to be your user page. Both with calendars.

On the first page let only admin users in.

On the second one let only standard users in.

Here a video that is part of a series on an approach to this functionality (many other ones possible):

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Thanks cmarchan, I think I’m still confused how calendar B knows what I’m entering into calendar A.

For example, I’ve used the video you attached previously, and made a button, that opens a popup with a calendar, and I can enter start dates/times, event name, save, and open to view details. Good to go there.

But when I switch to another page on my app, and bring in a new calendar that I want to show all the same info, or add a new event, whichever I choose, I’m not seeing in the calendar B where I can “connect” to the data in calendar A.

My apologies if I’m misreading your email and you’re already answering this, and thanks so much again for your help cmarchan!

  • John
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Hi John,

Perhaps the database model that you established needs refinement.

Explore how to structure a basic dB model for your use case. Here a video that may be useful: