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Hi all -

I’ve created a calendar using the Full Calendar plugin. Obviously, the current user can create events for his own calendar.

But, I’d like to have preset events available on the calendar for every user for each month created by an admin. I want each user to be able to edit, update, and delete these events on their own calendar without affecting the other users’ preset calendars.

What’s the easiest way to do this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bit of recursion.

the easiest would be to create an event (or set of events) for each user.

admin creates a master schedule of events.

events should have a field associating that event to a given user.

each event should be repeated for each user. this way each event can be individually manipulated by the end user.

Hm, interesting @jared.gibb -

What if we simplified it to create a master list of events each month that are not “editable” by each user? The users can add events of their own, but they can’t modify or delete the ones created by the admin.

How would I go about doing that?

Thanks for the response, btw :slight_smile:

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this is very doable but you have to be able to set events as editable or not. I am only familiar with my own plugin unfortunately. does bubble’s allow you to set individual events as editable nor not?

I have a working example where some are and some aren’t editable.

They don’t, but I think I can set the popups for “events created by admin” to remove the “update” and “delete” buttons so the popups are viewable but there’s no button or workflow attached to each one.

My biggest issue right now is simply adding the events created by the admin account. I’ve tried lots of different stuff (would be too long to publish here), but haven’t had any success.

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Wouldn’t you just change the constraints to include admin created events?

You would think. I’m having a hard time doing that for some reason. Everything I try returns an error.

Want to include some screenshots of the way your calling data and the workflow maybe?

I can offer a lot more support in regard to my own plugin but am happy to try to help you along.

Sure, thanks :slight_smile:

The first constraint delivers the events created by the current user.

The second constraint is the one that should deliver events created by the admin (btw, I’m assuming these are “or” constraints and not “and” constraints. If they’re “and” constraints, the calendar will only return events where the current user is an admin, if that makes sense.)

Then, I do a “search for” where the user’s email is an admin email.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 9.48.22 AM

But as you can see from the first screenshot, the constraint returns an error.

Any thoughts? Am I going about this all wrong?

When you do a search like that you return a list. Created by is not a list it’s a single item. So, at the end of your search add the qualifier :first item

Super helpful. Thanks so much!

And this will return events created by the current user AND the admin email, right? I’m worried these constraints are going to return events that are only created when the “current user” is logged in as “admin email”

Any way I can help or support a business or project of yours?

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Happy to help! It’s how I learned too!

I always appreciate a coffee :coffee:

I also appreciate Thoughtful or meaningful feedback on any of the plug-ins I’ve created.

As a note, I am always happy to let somebody try a plug-in for free by adding their app to the plug-in before they buy it to make sure that it would work out well for them.

Thank you @jack6 for the contribution! It’s never needed but always appreciated!! Happy bubbling, my friend! Do you come back if you need more support!

Coffee bought :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! I’ll check out some of the plugins you’ve created!

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A lot of them were made as hobby projects. Learning how to incorporate JavaScript library’s into bubble and to build plug-ins with bubble. So, you may find errors or a honest lack of documentation. If something catches your eye beer and error or a need for documentation feel free to reach out and request it and I’d be happy to put it together or fix the issue.

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Will do.

Hey again - so I think the calendar is doing what I feared. It’s only showing events created when the current user is logged in with the admin email.

When I took out the constraint we implemented, it showed the calendar created events made by the “current user” with no issue. It’s that one constraint that’s holding it up.

Any idea how to fix this?

Nvm - used a “merge with” condition and fixed it.

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Nice work. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of playing around with the settings👏

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I usually give myself around 2 full-focused hours of playing around with something before going to the forum :joy:

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