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Thinking about building an app but first have a functionality question

With my app, users need to be able to share calendar events kind of like how Google calendar events can be shared with others.

Can I do this with Bubble?

For example,

there are three people all adding events to one master page (calendar). Person 1 and 2 are friends and person 2 and 3 are friends. So, person two should be able to see all events. Person 1 should only see his own events + events for person 2. Person 3 should only be able to see person 2’s events and his own.

I assume this can be done, but wanted to first get confirmation before I spend much time trying to figure this out.

Bonus question:

What if person 2 is tired of seeing all of the stuff that person 1 is putting on the calendar. Will Bubble let me to create application that enables person 2 to filter his view so that he no longer sees person 1’s stuff?


Yep, everything you described is doable. You can build it yourself or integrate with a service, but it’s definitely possible.