Bubble.io Subdomain Setup


I have built an application on bubble which is almost ready for launch. My question is in regards to subdomains.

My web application operates in many different countries, and I have buttons in the header that allow the user to change between country sites (i.e AU, UK, US etc). Each of these sites has a slightly different subdomain (all of which are linked to the main domain https://macbooty.com/)

How would I go about setting this up in bubble.io. The main app is live right now at www.macbooty.com so you can see the country options in the header. Currently these links take you to the old web sites not built on bubble, but I am looking to transfer these over to my new bubble built app.

The subdomains I am try to hook up are in the following format:

base url: www.macbooty.com
US site: us.macbooty.com
Canada site: ca.macbooty.com
Australia site: au.macbooty.com


note: macbooty.com is the only sit currently on bubble, but I am trying to transition the rest over on the same app.


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