Bubble.io transactional emails with SendGrid

Hi Bubble Community,

I have been trying to set up SendGrid for my transactional emails, but it looks like a lot of things have been updated on the SendGrid end. I’ve seen a lot of talk around Legacy templates and inputting <%body%> in the templates for where you want your text but I cant seem to set this up.

I can create a dynamic template but there is no space to add <%body%>. I can add HTML code but just putting <%body%> into the code is invalid?

Additionally has anyone had issues with authenticating their domain. My domain is hosted with GoDaddy, I have updates the CNAME DNS records by adding the DNS records they suggest (but not removing any of the one previously there). I did this last week so its had time to update and still no luck.

And finally, I have read adding an unsubscribe button helps with the deliverability. I can add an unsubscribe module to the dynamic template but it doesn’t let me select an unsubscribe group. Can I “trick” hotmail/outlook by adding a link myself at the bottom of the template, called “Unsubscribe” which takes the user through to their communication preferences in my web application?

Any and all advice would be much appreciated!!


My advice - go with Postmark.


@equibodyapp okay thanks i will check it out.

Can you still personalise emails with first names etc…


Using this plugin with AWS SES Templates yes.

$0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send.

@bentomsouthgate sure can!

I use stripo to create my templates (free), then paste the HTML code in to the Postmark plugin (free) workflow - I think you get 10,000 emails for $10/month with Postmark. The deliverability and analytics are in my opinion miles better than Sendgrid and I found my email templates much easier to customise and create very professional looking transactional emails :slight_smile:

@equibodyapp thanks! I have created a Stripo template. where do I add this into the workflow?

I have tried adding the HTML code to the body but no luck?



@bentomsouthgate I’m not sure what plugin you installed but I use this one Rich Postmark emails Plugin | Bubble :slight_smile:

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