Dynamic Sendgrid Templates for Transactional Emails

Hello. I can’t seem to find any recent threads about my question, so here goes…

Can I use the Sendgrid dynamic templates with Bubble for transactional emails? Without a plugin?

When I try this, the email will send, but the body is empty. It works okay with a Legacy template.

What are the current best options for integrating with Sendgrid?


Who is your domain thru? I’m only asking because I have a plugin I’d like you to try for free.

You can send free unlimited emails from your own domain without an API. HTML and BBCode fully supported.

Just tell me your app id and I can give you access for free.

The domain is from Namecheap. My email is on Google Workspace. I may check back with you later when I have more time. I’m in crunch time right now to launch, so I can’t start to introduce anything too new or complicated. Thanks.