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Bubble limitations with regards to CRM system?

Hi, so i’v been playing around with bubble for a while, i also tried to learn some basic HTML and CSS to try to have a better overview of the process.

I really enjoy the bubble interface but i keep getting stuck, i’m unsure if it’s due to me not knowing the system well enough of if there are actually these many limitations in bubble.

I think what it comes down to is what i am using bubble for. We recently started up a new company and we need a CRM system. Nothing to complicated but we need inputs to store data and also allow the user to create new elements.

I’v attached an image that i hope will help you understand what i mean.

I need these “folders” to be created by the user with their custom inputs rather than my input “fastighetsbeteckningar”

I also need the “folder within the folder” to be made via the users input.

I hope this seems logical, Thanks!

It’s a broad question you’re asking, but I’ll try to give some answers. I highly recommend you going through all the tutorials first if you haven’t. They will give a better understanding.

1. Folders created
A folder would be a Thing in the database, and the contents of that folder would be connected to that trough a field. In databasesque, this means that there’s really no “folder”. There are just database entries with different relations to each other, and the seeming folder structure is just one way of visualizing it for the user. I would suggest:

Thing 1: Fastighetsbeteckning
Field: Name (text)
Field: Företagsnamn (type: list of företagsnamn)

Thing 2: Företagsnamn
Field: Name (type: text)
Field: Företagsbeteckning (type: företagsbeteckning)
Field: (Whatever other details you need about the company)

2. Displaying the items
To make a folder structure such as in your image, I would use two nestet Repeated Groups. A Repeated group is a container that makes one cell for each entry in the database, such as showing a list of companies.

Repeated group 1 would show a list of Fastighetsbeteckning, and inside of it you place another repeated group that shows a list of Företagsnamn, filtered by the field Fastighetsbeteckning.

This is the entire page, When a “företagsnamn” is selected the data for the “företagsnamn” will be changeable through the form under “organisationsnamn” then within that “organisationsnamn” i need the user to be able to create a bunch of diffrent things.

I realize this is somewhat complicated but my question basically comes down to, Is it possible?

I realize I didn’t really answer your title question, sorry about that.

Based on what I can see on the screenshot, I would say it’s definitely possible to do with Bubble.

(Go Scandinavia by the way. Where are you from?)

I’m Really glad to hear it, in that case it’s just a question of learing how to do it that will take time.

I’m from Sweden but currently i reside in Malta, Recently started a company over here.

Where are you from? :slight_smile:

Originally from Norway, currently residing in Dubai :slight_smile:

I’v been playing around abit now and it’s basically all sorted, the only thing i can’t figure out is how to make the individual cells maximize and minimize via a button click, I can’t find and option to animate them or change the layout.

Any tips?

It’s a bit hard to say based on that description, but if you are using nested repeating groups, this should do the trick:

When the minimize button is clicked, set a custom state on the fastighetsbeteckning", for example “Minimized” to “yes”.
You set a condition on a group containing the Företagsnamn repeating group that says "Fastighetsbeteckning’s Minimised is “yes”, and then This element is hidden. Make sure that you have ticked “Collapse this element’s height when hidden”, to make sure it doesn’t leave a blank space on the page.

I can’t seem to make it work, giving up for now :slight_smile:

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