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Bubble login time?

I was just logged out while in the middle of working in Bubble. What’s the timeframe on Bubble remembering your credentials? It’d be nice if it was set to remember forever. I hate having to log in multiple times a day.

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My partner @alex also has this problem. Weird, never happens to me, but i have seen it happen to him.

3 to 4 times for me yesterday. It can be so many things.

It doesn’t happen to me either (it should be infinite, until you log out). If you can find a pattern that’d be great.

I’m looking for one.

One thought I have is that it may be logging in with google vs email, etc. I’d be happy to switch to my own email/password instead of logging in with Google. Just thought logging in with Google would be more convenient.

I know that I left bubble logged in at my office computer last night, and when I got in this morning I was required to login in again. I have yet to be logged out, but I haven’t been working in my app as much this morning.

The only pattern I suspect is I have many session opened, in 4 differents computers (2 users). When I change the database (create or delete fields), it happened regularly. It’s sound like an unexpected change, and Bubble, by protection, log out. Too soon to point out. Different certificate on different machine?

That is possible. I am working both on my home laptop and my work computer…

I think I remember Google login’s tokens expire every two hours or soemthing like that

We’re implementing refresh tokens though so it should last longer.

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I’ve been trying to figure out if there is a pattern over the last couple days. I only login using Google, always on Chrome, and I use two different devices to access Bubble on a regular basis (one runs Windows 10, the other is my Macbook that runs OSX). I also sometimes login through an incognito window in addition to a… cognito(?) window at the same time. Anecdotally, I think this happens:

  • When I login for the first time each day (maybe the Google token resets every day?)
  • When I login on my device 1, after using device 2, where I never logged out or closed the browser window on device 1.

The wacky thing for me is it usually logs me out only after a couple minutes of actually making updates to my app - so there seems to be a lag between when you start editing and when it decides you should be logged out.

Overall… it’s something that I can resolve in 20-30 seconds with a refresh and new login, so it’s not something that ever negatively impacts my happiness or prevents me from editing my apps.

Dunno if any of that helps!

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I use latest edition of chrome and vivaldi on my one windows machine. I only access the forum with my mobile.

I am also logged out of bubble regularly but without any rhyme to the reason. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes slowly, but seems to be always within 48 hours. Once or twice it seemed to happen fairly fast, like within 2 hours. It’s also happened when leaving my apps editor opened for extended (4 hours maybe?) times.

I’m in the same boat as @alex though, I don’t really mind it’s just a couple button clicks.

It hasn’t bothered me enough to go and look at my settings within google, it could very well be a setting there.