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Getting Logged out of Bubble Dashboard

I’m building a webapp on bubble, and about every hour or two, I get logged out of the system, and have to log back in.

Then I sign in with google, and it makes me give authorization again? This is annoying, is it a known bug?

Can you email us at [email protected]? I don’t think other users have hit that, so we should investigate.

I faced exact same issue… lost most users because of this and had to discontinue login using google due to this :frowning:

I have the same behavior, it is usually much shorter than one hour.

I read somewhere than Google generate a new token every two hours.
It was here :

Well the point of the offline access is precisely to avoid this. If someone can email us with an situation (email that is logged out) that’d be very helpful.

This keeps happening to me too. Next time it happens I’ll be sure to send an email.

We just pushed a fix that should solve that issue. It’s a bit hard to test as it requires some time for Google to log users out, etc, so let us know if you still hit the issue (or, if you don’t, it’s always nice to hear :slight_smile: )

About an hour into the session, I just got a message that my session had expired. Still haven’t logged in again, and SAVE is actually Saving… in red.

I’ll email to support as well.