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Looking to start a project motivation group on Discord

Hey all,

I’m looking to create a discord group with 5 fellow founders who are building their products on bubble.

Goal of the group is to help us keep motivated and consistent.

Chat would include (open to ideas):

  • Daily check-ins with goals for day
  • Posts throughout the day for wins
  • Daily roundup at the end of the day to showcase what was accomplished

Interested? DM me with your project and let’s get shipping!

(Edit: discord group not slack)


I joined yesterday after seeing it on BetaList. It’s not geared towards Bubble and I’m still sort of seeing what it’s about but it seems to have some overlap in what you’re looking to do. It seems new so the person running it may be interested in having a small cohort for Bubble users like you’re suggesting.

While this does look interesting, I’m looking for something free + geared towards bubble developers.

Looing to keep it small as well (5 members) to begin with to help members stay in the loop of everyone’s projects.