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Bubble meetup in Belgium 🇧🇪?

Reaching out to any potential Bubblers from Belgium :belgium: who want to talk NoCode and have a beer or two.

We can do a few different formats:

  • presentation: someone presents something they learned.
  • hot-seat: a person who has a challenge (technical or marketing) shares, the group brainstorm ideas. Extra commitment-sauce on top: the person with the problem commits to come back to the group with the results.
  • open floor: we don’t prepare anything up-front, come together, list what we want to talk about, vote on it, and then talk about it.
  • :beers: & :fries: : we have a couple of beers.
  • :man_shrugging: other formats we come up with

We could even make it a side-meeting in another bigger meetup (e.g. a BeTech meeting, The Big Squeeze, Hack Belgium etc.

I can provide a location & I can facilitate the event. I just don’t have experience with getting people at the place, setting up, etc… Any help on that side would be appreciated.

If interested, post here.

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Always in for some Bubble talk! Nice to hear that there are other belgian Bubblers :slight_smile:

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Definetely up for this. Our office is located in Limburg. Where are you guys from?

I’m based in Brussels.

By the way, if you go to your profile, you can set a location.[your username]/preferences/profile

Based in Antwerp, still studying :slight_smile:

I’m in. Let’s meet. I live in Brussels as well.

FYI, @ulrich_00132 and I are having a beer tomorrow in Brussels at 18:00. You’re welcome to join.

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Anyone up for a new meetup? Still based in Antwerp and Bubble has developed a lot since Dec 19 :wink:

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